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3M Di-Noc: The Next Best Thing

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3M Di-Noc: The Next Best Thing

Di-Noc is a 3M Vinyl that Coastal Sign recently began working with. It comes in hundreds of styles, colors, and textures. We began our journey with a wood grain vinyl for a customer looking to wrap railings. Di-Noc has so many possibilities for use – walls, counter tops, doors, you name it.


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Take a look at some of the abilities and benefits of Di-Noc:

Aesthetics: Di-Nov transforms existing surfaces to a whole new look. This product resembles natural materials and aesthetically will create a makeover for your office furniture.

Image result for di-noc before and after

Lightweight: This film can be applied to the existing surface at ease. Since Di-Noc material is lighter in weight than traditional paneling, this can reduce installation costs.

Less downtime: No tearing down walls or materials, which can disrupt your entire company and visitors. Using Di-Noc, installation time is quick!

Life expectancy: Wood, metal and stone can chip and become worn down. With DI-NOC, this material can last a lifetime when applying it to indoor surfaces. If applying outdoor, the life space is still very long, being 7 to 10 years. This is all dependent on how strong the UV rays are, which could potentially break down the material quicker.

Eco-friendly: When you recover already existing surfaces, these are recycled items that are not thrown away or taking up space in landfills.

Resistance to everyday objects: Since 3M is such an experienced and reliable company; they have come up with a product that is resistant to the everyday wear and tear. For example, they are resistant to water, dirt, wear, mold and most impacts.

A few other colors for example:

Related image

Related image

Here is a photo of the railing with the wood grain vinyl we have in the shop:


While many people use the wood grain vinyl selections, there are so many other possibilities for Di-Noc. If you are interested in using the material in your home or workplace, contact us!

Send and email or gives us a call, you can even stop in and take a look at our sample book that holds all the options of Di-Noc material. or 609.294.3442


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