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Have you ever printed something and noticed the color printed did not match the color on your screen.  This is one of the most common problems in the printing industry.  We have had customers send us a file and after we print it, they say that it is not the same color they sent us.  This even occurs when we print out proofs for our clients on a different printer than the one used for the final project.

The solution to this problem is to use the “Pantone Matching System” or PMS.  The PMS has an industry standard book of color swatches with reference numbers that you can give to the printer. The printer is calibrated with the correct ink mixture to create the color you chose.  Here at Coastal Sign & Design we pride ourselves in having the most current and updated pantone swatches calibrated in our printers.  We are constantly doing checks and running updates to make sure the pantone our clients picked are an exact match to what we print.

When meeting with our clients during the design phase of their project we have them pick their colors from the PMS swatch book.  PMS is used when branding your signage.  Think of the major brands you see everyday.  How about we use Coca-Cola as an example.  Do you think you would notice if their logo’s red wasn’t the right color?  Then imagine thousands of that wrong print being out in circulation.  That is a huge printing error and reflects badly Coca-Cola and the company responsible for doing the printing.  You may be thinking, so what Coca-Cola is a huge company and no one will care.  Now put yourself in their shoes.  What if one of your biggest competitors uses a shade of blue and you do as well.  Lets say you just ordered a 100 job-site signs that were printed with a blue that looks like your competitors blue.  Do you think people might confuse your business with  your competitor?  They could be impressed by the number of jobs your competitor is doing when in reality they are really yours.  It puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

This is why it is so important to meet face to face with our graphic designers to establish your business’ color swatches from the beginning of the design process.  Haven’t picked a pantone color yet and already established your company’s brand?  No problem.  Simply come in and go through the PMS Swatch Books and pick the closest match that we can use to print from that day forward.

Coastal Sign & Design is here for all your design and printing needs.  Have a question about your business’ color choices?  Stop by or give us a call and someone will be happy to assist you.


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We are proud to be a part of The Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce’s effort to spread the word that LBI region is open and ready for Summer 2013.  Please help spread word by clicking “Like” on We Are LBI’s Facebook Page.  Want a sticker too?  Stop by the Chamber office/visitor center on 9th Street in Ship Bottom, NJ and get one for free!

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Is your company going to be attending an upcoming trade show, convention, or community event? Make sure you’re prepared by ordering eye-catching magnets and stickers to use as giveaway items.  Stickers and magnets are a low cost way to promote your company or future event. Coastal Sign & Design creates custom stickers and magnets that will most definitely end up on someone’s refrigerator as a constant reminder of your business.

I recently went to a community event where they were handing out stickers left and right.  I happened to have my children with me.  They loved the free stickers and placed them on anything I would let them.  For days I had three “Jetty” stickers placed on the the headrests in my car’s backseat.  In those short days of seeing those stickers my daughter saw a Jetty tank top in a store that she asked me to buy for her.  Had she not received those stickers during that event, I don’t think she would not have asked me to purchase it.  Stickers and magnets create a “TOMA” otherwise know as Top Of the Mind Awareness.  You can’t help but wonder the effect of giving out a couple hundred stickers for free.  People love free stuff and when deciding on which company or business to use, the free promotional product they received will most likely have them heading in your direction.

The products you select for your promotions and everyday distribution can make a huge difference in the way your business is represented. Choose eye catching designs that will stand out amongst all the clutter.  A bland, too busy, or useless promotional product will end up in the trash.  Coastal Sign and Design has a graphic design team that will ensure your product will end up exactly where you intended.



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Coastal Sign & Design is located in an area that was severely effected by Sandy.  We have seen many businesses close their doors for good because the flood did too much damage.  With each business closing there is another one to take its place.  The rebuilding process is going well and our region expects to have an amazing Summer 2013 Season.

New businesses are popping up all over the place.  What is the best form of advertising to let pedestrians and motorists know they are there? A sign manufacturer surveyed their clients who had a business that was a year or less old to find out how their customers learned about their business.  The results clearly demonstrate that their signs attracted  half of the start up businesses’ new customers.  This is more than any other form of advertising the businesses’ used over the same period of time.  Once a business becomes established, lets say over a year or two, word of mouth usually beats  the sign percentage.  This doesn’t mean that their sign is less effective.  It is still getting new customers in the door, just not as many as when they were brand new.  Have you ever noticed that you pass the same business every day and then one day they have a new sign and you feel drawn to go inside?  Signs are a powerful advertising tool when done right. Your on-premise sign should identify your business, mark its location, and convey the right image of your company. But, the most important thing it should communicate is what you are selling. Don’t hesitate to find a professional to help you design and create your sign.  You could have the nicest retail store or restaurant in the area, but a poorly designed sign with prevent customers from stepping through your door.  The days when you could put up a painted plywood sign or shingle are long gone.

Coastal Sign & Design’s knowledgeable staff can help you get your business noticed by potential customers.  Whether it be a sign, marketing materials, or vehicle graphics, we are here to help.

Shore Fire Grill opened Spring 2012 and business is booming!

Shore Fire Grill opened Spring 2012 and business is booming!

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Custom vehicle graphics are by far the best use of your advertising dollar today.  Vehicle wraps costs are as low as $0.48 per 1,000 impressions.  Unlike phone book listings, newspaper ads, radio ads, TV commercials or billboards, vehicle graphics only have a one time cost.  Wraps are not stationary. The more your vehicle is on the road, the more impressions you are going to make.  The average vehicle wrap garners between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day. If it’s a car, truck, van, box truck or trailer, your advertising will go where you go, and expose your message to a brand new group of potential customers everyday. While a full vehicle wrap makes a lasting impression, a partial wrap in combination with other media such as cut vinyl lettering or window graphics can deliver exceptional results as well.

My LBI Life Wrap

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Wordle allows you to create custom word clouds for your blog or homepage.  Here is an example of the one I created in a matter of seconds.  Several different colors, fonts, and layouts to choose from.  Have fun creating!

Wordle: Coastal Sign & Design

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Mark and Craig Cohen over at the Chegg asked us to help refurbish an existing 16′ countertop they had for use at Long Beach Island’s Chowderfest 2010.  We combined huge 10′ high by 16′ wide backdrop full color banners, a wooden post-frame, sheets of PVC, polymetal, routed custom PVC shapes, digital prints and a lot of support framing to create this monster.

The main sign was first digitally printed then applied to flat substrates.  The letters were then cut using our CNC router and standoff applied to the mounted print to make the Chicken or the Egg logo pop.  We framed the entire back of the combined 16′ x 4′ overhead sign and mounted it to the support frame, hoisting it 12′ in the air.

Chicken Littleneck was designed specifically for Chowderfest.  He started out as just a sticker, but we decided he needed to be included in the display as well.  We routed him from 1/2″ PVC and mounted a full color digital print to make him come to life.

Also designed for this Chowderfest’s theme were dancing chicken and egg characters drawn to look like contestants in American Bandstand.


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Fireplaces Plus Burnie is now out on the loose.