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Why HDU for carved signs?

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You have decided that it’s time for a new sign so you head on over to Coastal Sign and tell us that you want us to just re-make the same thing, but what you have brought us is an old sign made of wood that is falling apart and the paint is chipping off. Sure, we can make it out of wood, but do you know about HDU?


What is HDU?  

HDU can be use for creating beautiful, lasting logos, V-groove CNC routed signs, dimensional and custom sandblasted signs. HDU is high density urethane foam it is a strong, naturally waterproof sign material that typically has a lower cost and weighs less than regular wood. These signs have a carved look and can feature smooth or textured backgrounds. It is well known for holding up well to sunlight. Theoretically an HDU sign could last a hundred years barring any physical impact damage.


Did you know? HDU is actually the same material that is used in the cores of surfboards as well as fiberglass boats.


Why NOT Wood?

  • It has a tendency to crack or warp as it is a natural material that can take on moisture. Also because larger size substrates are actually made up of smaller planks, you may see visible seems in the sign panel over time.
  • The wood can be effected by termites or carpenter ants.
  • Wood can rot over time.
  • Inconsistencies such as knots and grain can affect the overall look of your sign.

One of Our Most Recent HDU Signs:


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